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Give our kids a chance to pursue education

Your gift today will ensure children from families in crisis have a safe home, a loving family, and a future as successful and contributing adults.

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Cora had always loved learning and felt receiving an education would be her only escape from the prison of abuse. She has been at Boys and Girls Country less than a year. She was eager to be loved and safe, and she had been begging God to give her a new life where she was not living in fear of being hurt or raped daily. Since the first day Cora arrived here, her smile has not faded. She feels the freedom of being a kid who is loved, cared for and valued for the first time in her life.

Cora’s senior year of high school was not filled with fear, but with happy memories, new friendships, academic success and color guard experience. She was able to focus on the passion that God has placed in her heart. She graduated high school with a cosmetology license and hair extension certification. Her passion for make-up is her gateway to a successful job after graduation.

Like Cora, our kids realize that education is their best chance to escape the cycles of poverty, abuse and instability from their pasts and succeed in life. Your support helps our children not to worry about daily survival, their next meal or a safe place to stay. With the new school year fast-approaching, our kids need the love and support that Boys and Girls Country provides. They need teaching parents to care for them, tutors to assist them, counselors who listen to them and food that keeps them nourished. They aim to strengthen their relationship with God through church retreats, daily devotionals and Sunday worship.

Our kids depend on you to continue to thrive.

You can help them overcome trauma and pursue education to become successful adults.

Please consider making a gift today. Your gift of $25, $50, or $100 or more will give our kids a safe and loving home.

We are so thankful for your generous hearts. You are making miracles happen in the lives of our kids.