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Help Kids Like Eli Find Healing

Your gift today will ensure children from families in crisis have a safe home, a loving family and a future as successful and contributing adults.

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Just two years ago, Eli felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. His mother was constantly involved in abusive relationships and cared very little about the well-being of her children. After she received a DUI, Eli and his siblings were removed by CPS. Eli went to a shelter while his siblings went to a foster home.

“At the time I was an atheist and really had no hope of things getting better. But I remembered my stepdad telling us about God one time, so I tried praying. I asked Him to protect my brother and sister and to help us all find a better life,” he recalls. The very next day, his case worker came to tell him they had a new home for him at a place called Boys and Girls Country.

At BGC Eli found a loving family, a path to grow in faith and a stable home environment he had never had before. But he could not stop worrying about his siblings in foster care; he had to make sure they were safe. With the help of his teaching parents, a lawyer and his case worker, he started advocating for them to come to live at BGC. A month later they were finally reunited here. Now they have a hopeful future and a place to thrive thanks to the support of our generous and caring donors.

Your gift helps more than 100 kids like Eli heal from their pasts and experience the security of a loving Christian home while looking forward to the future filled with hope.

“At Boys and Girls Country, I finally get to be the kid and not the parent,” shares Eli warmly.

Would you help us ensure that our home can be an answered prayer for kids like Eli?

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