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With your help, we are able to provide a loving, Christian home for children. Please consider making a one-time or a recurring monthly gift to our children.

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Robert Perseveres To Achieve His Dreams

When Robert was six years old, his father became abusive toward his mother. By the time Robert was 10, his mother had the courage to divorce his father. Robert, his mother and two younger brothers began a life of running from their father and struggling to survive.

Robert’s mother worked any job she could get in order to try to make ends meet. They lived in a car for months and took refuge at women’s shelters when possible.

“We never had a place to call home,” Robert said. “We were bouncing from school to school, and I never had a bed to call my own.”

Robert was told by his father that the family would be better off without him. This emotional and verbal abuse took a toll on Robert.

Despite the struggles he was facing, Robert persevered. When on their way to the women’s shelter, Robert and his mother had a conversation that he’ll never forget.

“I know our situation may not be what we want, but we have to deal with it,” Robert’s mother said. “I want you to promise me that you will go to college because I know you are capable of doing so, but you have to give it your all and try your best, so promise me.”

“Yes, Mom, I promise I will go to college, and I will complete it,” Robert replied to his mother.

Robert has never forgotten the promise he made his mother.

Part of Robert’s journey to college was coming to live at BGC on April 11, 2013.

When Robert arrived, he thought BGC looked like a summer camp. He understood that this was his new home, but he found BGC to be “very overwhelming” at first.

As Robert realized that living at BGC meant he had a home and a room to call his own, he realized what a blessing BGC is for him and many others. He referred to BGC as “a dream come true.”

With a safe and stable place to live, Robert continued to apply himself academically, and he graduated in the top 10% of his class from Waller High School.

When Robert was a senior in high school, he went with a group from BGC to visit Oklahoma Christian University (OCU). During this trip, OCU informed Robert that he was accepted, and they awarded him a $32,000 scholarship.

Robert is a medical laboratory science major at OCU and is on track to graduate in May 2023. Once he graduates, he will be a medical laboratory technician.

His program has a unique structure that he enjoys. He works in the lab Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and he attends class on Monday and Friday.

In the lab, Robert participates in different rotations including phlebotomy, coagulation, chemistry and hematology.

“My favorite thing about my field is that the results I receive can impact patients’ lives,” Robert said. “I have a chance to help find a solution to people’s issues.”

Robert is grateful for BGC helping him to have such a great college experience. He is thankful for both the financial and emotional support that comes from being a part of the College & Career program.

“They provide support, and I can come back anytime I want,” Robert said.

“I called when I was having a freakout about the work load. They are there for emotional support, and they have even visited me at OCU several times.”

With your support, BGC is able to provide a loving and stable home for kids, where they do not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or if they have a safe place to lay their head down at night.

You can help kids like Robert pursue their dreams of a higher education.

Once a child’s basic needs are met, they can then focus on academics and emotional healing. BGC provides counseling and tutoring to help kids catch up to their peers academically and counseling to help with trauma they have experienced.

The College & Career program financially and emotionally supports young adults like Robert who are pursuing a higher education as well as those who are in trade school or serving in the military.

All that BGC does is not possible without your support. Please prayerfully consider giving to support our mission of providing a loving Christian home for children from families in need. When you make a donation of $50, $100, $200 or more, you are investing in the lives of these children as well as their futures.

Thank you for helping children in need to have not just what they need now but what they need in the future as well. Your support touches the lives of many.